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Is this a problem with my CACHE/BUFFER size?

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Ok running FM Server 5.5 on a red hat 9 box.

Sometimes, when a user opens a file some of the records do not show up. I have a master couter called "Batch #". That is created at the time the new record is made. It is a calculation of "Initials" a text variable + "page#" an incremental number variable that counts up by 1's. This whole thing has been working for the last 6 months until we switched over to linux. So just to clarify. The Batch# should alway match the record number..always!

Now...this is what has happened. In a DB that has 9 records, actually show only having 7 when I open it over the network. Records 7 and 8 are missing...the batch #'s jump from 6 to 9. I can enter information on batch # 9 which is record 7 now. When I hit "new record" im now on batch # 10 and record 8...do you follow that I am missing 2 records at all times. Well instead of batch 7 and 8 missing, its now 8 and 9. Information that was on 7 finally shows up and batch # 7 finally shows up at record 7 where it's supposed to.

Ok I take the file off the network and open it on my machine and all the records are present in the correct order.

I dont know if this helps, but I am currently hosting 107 files, 17 of which are these notebooks, 2 of which are effected. My CACHE is set to 40mb. Each DB ranges in size from 1 mb to 18 mb. The box is a duel zeon with 2 120 gb mirrored hard drives and 2 gb of ram. Performance wise it flies. We are considering dropping the Cache size to zero...thinking that if none of the files are stored in ram then it should update the files constantly with every change...and although this will kill our performance, it seems that this might be the only answer.

If you have had any experience with this or have an opinion on the matter please speak up. Anything will help


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I doubt it's a cache size thing.

Check the files for corruption -- open them in normal client version of FMP.

Also check that there are no old files with the same name around your network that are being opened accidentally -- delete or zip all other copies of the files. I mention this because you just changed boxes, and the other box might still be active.

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This topic is 7478 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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