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Cribbin' from the Purchase Orders sample.....

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but now i'm stuck....

i want one of the smart "sortable headers" that's visible on the List page of the purchase orders database.

now i've added the fields HiliteLibrary, global container repeating; HiliteSortedBy global, text, HiliteOrderID with the calculation copied from the Purchase Order sample.

i've imported the three scripts Sort by order id, Sort by order ascending, Sort by order id, descending renamed them and replaced all the values it missed out when it created them...

i've also imported the start script and applied it to the document, which it does including the clear sort field script.

on debug it stops at the line Sort Restore No dialog and gives the error prompt: "The prevous script step, "Sort", could not be completed because it restores an invalid request. Do you wish to continue with this script?"


i seem to be missing the up and down graphics (from the repeating global field?) however i don't see the field on the Purchase order database and i've no idea how they're populated.

what have i got wrong in this instance, its driving me mad and holding up my database....

have i missed out a vital element or not set something that is set on the Purchase Order sample.

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This topic is 7478 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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