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Switching views by clickin on records


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Hi guys,

This is my problem, i have a script which loop thru all records to find the checkboxes, if any record is unchecked it will retrieve that record and list it out onto the list page. It has been workin fine(retrievin all the right records)till i added a function which allows users to go back to the record page by clicking on the results.

I got it to work but somehow it seems to disrupt my script's finding of unchecked boxes. Like when i perform the script the first time, it will give me the correct results, but if i go back and perform the script again, even boxes that have already been checked are shown, and if i perform de script once again the correct result is again showed.

I'm very confused because all i added to switch from list view back to record view was this script --> Go to Layout["Data Entry"]

The way this script has affected my searchin of record surprises me. Will be glad if someone can explain to me what is goin wrong. confused.gif

Thank you very much!


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- make sure you are using list view, not portals.

- If you are using list views, make sure the fields you are searching in are on the layout, even if only 1x1 pix.

- You might rework your search strategy using relations

(one<-> if (checkbox="",1,0)

Actually, only guessing without seeing your solution.

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This topic is 6545 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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