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In a new record, how do I forward the last entry?

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Hello all,

Rank FM amateur here. You guys seem so advanced with this stuff; I hope you won't mind giving me some suggestions.

I'm making a simple DB (hopefully) for a physical therapy practice. We see the same patient for multiple visits, often repeating the things we do from visit to visit for awhile. Therefore, it would be very useful to forward various field entries from the previous visit record as default entries for the current visit record.

How might I do this in a simple and bullet-proof way?

Thank you very much.

Mike S.

PS: I've been using FM for about 3 weeks--I'm afraid a broad brush or jargony explanation might totally lose me. Thx.

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Which sorts of fields would you want to bring forward? The reason I ask is that there are two methods you might use, depending on your answer. If you are talking about the patient's data (address, etc), then you want to store that in a separate, related, database. Then, you can make it so that you (for example) pick the patient's name from a list, and all that patient's address & billing data come up.

On the other hand, you may want to track the patient's progress by loading actual data from his last visit, which is what I think you're really after. In that case, you've got to first make sure that each patient has a unique identifier (patient number, for example). Then you will have to make a script which you will use when you're entering a new record.

The script would do the following:

1. Enter find mode and pause

2. - here you'd enter the patient's identifier -

3. Perform the find (do NOT restore, in the scripting dialog)

4. Go to the last record (or you could perform a sort by date or something else)

5. Duplicate the record

At that point, you can have the script clear out everything you want to NOT carry over. That's a simple and dirty way to get the job done.

Hope that helps you get started


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I made this quickie file for you to help you SEE a way in which you can accomplish what I think you are trying to do. When you download it, open the Patients file, Visits is linked through a relationship. Clicking on the "Duplicate Visit" button lets you choose which visit you would like to "forward". It will insert the current date for you.


Kate smile.gif


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Hi Kate,

That works well and was kind of what I was thinking.

I suppose the most natural way of creating a record would be to create a new, blank record, select a patient from a drop-down list upon which, the patient's demographics are inserted along with the inputs from the last record done for her. The DB I'm working on has several tabs to go through to ensure that what should be inputted hadn't changed.

Your way, I guess, would involve scanning for the most recent visit in a list view, duplicating it and then selecting it to make any changes.

6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other? Your thoughts?

Thanks much, BTW


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Hi Stanley,

Yes. Having the unchanging (somewhat) demographics imported along with the last visit's variables to either accept or change would be perfect. Your solution seems elegant enough-what would be a "non-dirty" way to do it? It would be most efficient, it seems to enter the patient demogs once with the initial record and have those captured and auto-build an alphabetized drop-down list.

It also seems to me that to really get the true functionality teased out of this program that I'm going to have to learn the scripting language. Is their a Cliff notes for that or does it just take slogging through for few months to learn? wink.gif

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The clue is in the statement: one patients and many visits.

Create two files: Patient and Visit

Create a relationship between them from atient to Visit based on patientId

The rest is straightforward so I've attached the basic system for you as a starting point.

If you look at th eralationships and the scripts you'll see how it will work every time - as you requested: bullet-proof!

I've not taken any care over the interface so forgive me for that :-))


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