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Nasty date question

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I think this is gonna be a nasty one. Using filemaker 4.1, in a database

I've two date fields, data_start and date_end. I use a website for our users

to access this database to have a look in the planning of radiostation, I

want them to be able to search on items running on a date they enter.

I allready do it in FM itself, by running a simple script, but that's no

solution to the web. Now I figured out I could create a textfield containing

all dates from date_start 'till date_end. So, by searching on that

textfield, FM comes up with all records 'running' on the requested date. The

question is : how.......

If anybody could help ??



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I tried doing something like this, and gave up with dats. instead I allowed people to search for "today" "this week" etc.

Create a calculation field in the database that uses the program date (or whatever) to generate the "this week" text in each record. Then perform the search over the web for the text in the calc field.

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