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Managing Value List with Check Boxes

Adam AIS

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I have a file called personnel which is basically a database of users for my application.

I have two other files called reports and stats. Each of these files has a value list which is pulled from the 'display name' field in the personnel file.

Now, what I want to be able to do is have a check box on the personnel file which looks something like:

[] Include Personnel in Reports

[] Include Personnel in Stats

If the boxes are checked the name is included in the value list on the corresponding file (reports or stats).

I have found a couple ways to achieve this, however they all seem a little buggy or overly complicated for what I

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I also can think of a couple ways to do this, and I also don't know for sure which is better.

There are also a couple ways to do the checkbox, either as two fields, or as one. The 1st method is happiest with one. The 2nd uses a calculation, so could be just one field for the choice, but then needs 2 more calculation fields for the ID results (and one hopes you do have an ID).

Method 1:

Two number fields, one for "Reports", one for "Stats". The checkbox value list is "Boolean," with a value of 1.

Files have a Constant=1 calculation field.

Relationship from Reports file Constant1 to Reports checkbox field (ie. 1=B):1).

Relationship from Stats file Constant1 to Stats checkbox field (ie. 1=B):1).

Value lists in each file, filtered by above relationships.

Method 2:

In Personnel, a calculation field, cReportsID =

Case ( Reports = 1, Personnel ID, "")

Another calculation field, cStatsID =

Case ( Stats = 1, Personnel ID, "")

Two value lists (in Personnel)

ReportsIDs (all values from field, cReportsID)

StatsIDs (all values from field, cStatsID)

In other files, define value list, use value list from another file, pick the respective value list. Or just define the value list in the other files, using values from a field, then the respective field in Personnel (same difference).

I believe method 2 would be faster, as it's not using a relationship. But a Constant1 relationship is pretty fast.

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This topic is 6735 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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