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Troi File Plug in - character conversion


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We use Troi File Plug-in with our FileMaker 6.0 Pro database to import text files into the FileMaker database field. Our text files could be larger than 64K, and the plugin imports text file in 64K chunks.

We find it very useful, and it worked OK until recently. We have a new

collection of files that contain accented characters, in ANSI format - French characters, as well as Registered Trademark sign, degree, etc..

All text files are located on our Sun computer, and the FileMaker Server 5.5 is

on the Mac OS X.

Troi File Plug-in imports the data as MAC characters, i.e. it thinks that the original file is Mac, and converts it to ANSI. When the text is viewed in FileMaker, it's completely wrong. I can, probably, use Substitute to convert characters back to ANSI, but this is a production database, and we process up to 50,000 records a month. Substitution will significantly slow the process. I can convert all text files to Mac format before importing, but it is undesirable, because data entry staff have to review text files before importing.

Is there any way that I can set Troi File Plug-in to import data as ANSI? What if the server is Win 2000? Would it make a difference?

This is really crucial - this is production application, and we do not have any other tool that can import data from text files into FileMaker.

Thank you


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This topic is 6530 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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