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Suggestions requested for Serializing CD Database

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I currently have 8,500 CDs in my Inventory file. Each has a unique serial number generated by FMPro. On the Inventory main layout I have fields called Number of Discs, Number of Tracks and a button where I generate the related songs for every CD(s in a set) for the realated Song File. A portal displays the related songs, artist names, length, etc. The Song File fields include fields for Item No: "Serial No-1" which is just a calculation of Inventory Serial Number-CD 1. Also a field called Track Number.This has worked fine until now.

I am in the process of putting my niche CD music business on the web and I''m going to be using an e-commerce package where customers can pay for & download individual songs If they want to (Music Copyright Owners have asked us to offer this, as a way for them to generate more revenue). I now need to uniquely identify each song title as an Inventory Line Item. I don't have a field for this yet, but I could easily make each track uniquely identified by "Serial #_CD #_Track #". (ie. 1000_1_01 would now be the unique inventory line item) This would allow me to use my present FMPro Software & would work for the PHP/MySQL web store.

My question is this. What is the best way to now generate my previously related Song File Items as INVENTORY ITEMS (with all the cost, prices etc. as standard separate Inventory items) and still have the unique identifying Serial Number?. Instead of the each song being serialized by the FMPro auto enter Serial No. function in the Inventory File. I really don't want to have each item listed on my website as Item No. 1000 (Buy The CD), then each track identified as 1001 for Track No. 1, 1002 for Track No. 2, etc. I would prefer my serial number to look like Item 1000,then 1000_01_01 for CD # 1 & Song #1, 1000_01_02, etc.

We also have the need to generate a related Inventory Item and would prefer to have it alpha numeric. We will be selling PDF Files that contain a complete breakdown of all the music on the CD. Exact measures per minute, Tempo adjustments, cue points, song ratings, etc. We prefer to have the items serialized as 1000_PDF.

This basically is an Inventory component build system but downloaded items won't be subtracted from Inventory. The web store will offer just the physical CDs initially, but I need to get this on track within this next week or two.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated,


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This topic is 6533 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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