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Multiple modifcations to find

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This find will probably be obvious but....

I have a popuplist that list various cities. The user selects the city out of the list. All of the contacts for that city then show up. All is well..

The user then selects what they wish to do with this list... one of which is "send a letter".

When the user selects this option I have a script to run that will find duplicates based on the found set (the city selected). So far this has not been a problem. (I followed the threads here for marking duplicates as "0" and the unique record with "1")... now here is the problem...

It will find the duplicates within this city and show them on screen. But then I am having a problem making the script omit the duplicates and leave me with just the unique records from the city that was selected.

If I do this to all records at the same time it is fine. The script will remove the duplicates and add the word last name and "family "...

what am I doing wrong

Version: v6.x

Platform: Mac OS X Jaguar

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If you're using portals & relationships to display these records, what's needed is a multiple-key relationship that will also include the marked duplicate field with the city. FM7 makes this trivial. There are several techniques to do this, a common one is to make a calculation field with: cityField & NumToText(markedField). In the main file the calc would be cityField & "1".

If you're using search to find these records, search for the city and markedField set to 1.

Did this jog your brain into gear?

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This topic is 6526 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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