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using script to create new records in a portal


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What I am trying to do is to move lots of info into a portal using a script.

I have about 90 lines and for each line I want to make a new record via a portal, so i can create some reports in another database. I wrote a few lines in my script..Surmized..copy field 1 row 1;paste field 1 row 1, and it goes to the right fields in the portal. Now when i go to copy the second line (the portal does allow creation of records), it pastes it over the first record. I Tried using the, goto portal row (next), but that works like firetruck without water!


think [outside the box]

Version: v6.x

Platform: Windows 2000

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If you are using multiple fields, the copy and paste function will not work, because the action of the database is like switching to the related one, which will always focus the cursor in the first field (or wherever you specified the tab order).

How did you want to create these records. Are you just populating a new database (one time thing for the first time?), or is this dynamic where you will have to do this continuously?

Also, how are you creating the related records? Like Ralph said, you might be able to set field based on a calc if that applies to you.

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This topic is 7421 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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