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Lacking Access Privileges

Jason Barker

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I am experiencing a problem where I am not able to create a new record in the database via the web. The error message I get is:

"Access Restriction: You do not have access to perform the action: new"

The database is for work requests that our users can enter via a form on our corporate intranet. The form's action contains the username and password for an entry in the Web Security database, along with the hostname (i.e. <form action="username:[email protected]/FMPro">). This username and password combination is only allowed to: Create, Edit and run Scripts. The corresponding database password for this user has permissions set to the following (File > Access Privileges > Passwords): Browse records, Edit records and Create records. So with this setup, I cannot create new work requests in the database. However, if I check the "Access the entire file" checkbox in the passwords window for the database file, I am able to create a new record. I have tried numerous combinations of checked checkboxes for this database password but I've not seen any success.

Million dollar question: What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Jason

Version: v6.x

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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What browser and platform is being used?

A message was posted earlier that a security patch for Ms IE no longer allows passwords to be embedded in urls.

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I have been testing this with Apple's Safari 1.2 (v125).

I cannot figure out why FileMaker is rejecting this. The username and password entered in the web security database allow a user to 'Create' and run 'Scripts'. This username/password combination is mapped to a password in the database file that allows access to the entire database file. If I reduce access to the database file for the database password to only allow 'Create Records' it does not work. And when I submit a form via the web, I am alerted to the fact that I do not have permissions to perform the action: new.

What does one need to have checked within the FileMaker database to allow a web user to create new records?

Thanks for your help!

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This topic is 6516 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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