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Greg M

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This is a neat little VBScript that pulls the user's logon username, as well as computer number, and saves it to a text file on the hard drive. (Note: Windows only) The script can be executed through a Send Message step when opening the database, and the data can be imported to not only assist in custom file permissions (field-level, if you so desire) but also to create logs of who accessed your database system. So you don't even need a password-based login system, this script is basically flawless. I'd be happy to provide an example database if needed.

Note: When using calling this script from Filemaker, and importing data from the text file, it takes a few seconds after executing the VBScript for the text file to become available for Filemaker to import. To make sure this goes error free, use a script step like the one that follows:

Allow User Abort [Off]


Import Records ["username.gm"]

Exit Loop If [status(CurrentError)=0]


Allow User Abort [On]

If that file can't be found, it will return an error, which will cause the script to loop again. The loop will only be exited once the necessary data has been successfully imported.

Version: v6.x

Platform: Windows 2000


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This topic is 6483 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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