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How to Merge From Database to Contract


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Hi! Help!

I am attempting to create a new layout for my database, one in which I pull many of the fields into a printable contract (or any type of document, actually) without any graphics or text boxes, etc, just a document I can print and fax to clients. But trying to use the Insert Merge Field method is definitely not working due to the number of fields (slow going), and the fact that I'm then having to go back in and type the field names in front of the inserted merge field, and the texts are overlapping, difficult to organize, and too numerous to organize, too. Not every field, however, needs to have the field name in front of it--only some.

I intuit that there is another way to create a new layout that's only text and merge fields, but in perhaps just a few steps. Is there a trick I'm missing?

Something I need to consider?

I really appreciate any assistance.


Version: v6.x

Platform: Windows XP

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You know you don't have to use Merge fields (though there are good for printing). You can create a regular Standard view layout, choose your fields, and have it created for you.

Then you still have to turn off the borders for fields, etc., if needed, align fields and labels. But it sure beats typing them in.

Here's another (strange) method.

Create a layout with the fields you want. Set them all into a global field, using the FieldNames() function. (Or just select and copy the field names). You want a field name on each line.

Or export 1 dummy record as a Merge file, delete the data line, Find/Replace the comma to return. You'll have the field names.

Paste into a "grep" capable text editor (EditPad Pro? I'm on a Mac, and use BBEdit).

Do a Find/Replace to get what you want.

Find each line



&: <<&>>

Or, if your editor doesn't support "&" (replace match)




1: <<1>>

This will give you a series of:

Field name: <<field name>>

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thank you fenton. i'm pretty new at all this, so any help goes a long long way. I'll try the first solution (as I prefer the easier route, and it seems that is the easier of the two), and see how it goes.

much aloha.

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This topic is 6512 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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