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Value List from Field not Working as a Check Box


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hi all, I need help.

All I need to do is have the same field of a found set of records become a value list as check boxes. This found set will never have more than 5 records, and I'd like to collect the data from each found field, and place it in a global field. However, I can't use a global field as a value list. What to do?

I have what appears to be a simple task, but I've been racking my brain for hours to no avail. I have a single FM6 database that's not part of any relationship with other files. (I'd like to keep this as a single file database, not multiple files.)

I've tried creating a script to copy/paste the global field information into a different text field (which is indexed) and can be used as a value list. However, when I do this, the value list which is supposed to be used as check boxes never updates properly. It shows up, yes. But often times, it's impossible for me to fully clear out the contents of this value list, even if I empty out all of the content from all of the fields. The check box list is still there! Argh. It's impossible to for me to clear out the content and/or to have this value list of check boxes "refresh" our update properly. I don't mind having to click a button to run a script to have it update, but I still can't figure it out.

Here's the setup:



Info Combo - TEXT - Content I'm collecting FROM each found record

List Items - GLOBAL (TEXT) - Field used to collect the list from the

found records

List Values - TEXT (indexed) - This is the field I'm defining as a

value list.

My script was as follows to pull in the data from the found records:


Go to Record/Request/Page [First]


Set Field ["List Items", "Info Combo"]

Exit Loop If ["Status(CurrentRecordNumber) = Status(CurrentFoundCount)"]

Go to Record/Request/Page [Exit after last, Next]

End Loop

Then I did the following step:


Set Field [("List Values', "List Items"]

I'm stuck. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


-Otis Greenlee

Version: v6.x

Platform: Mac OS X Jaguar

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How are the 5 records found in the first place?

I'm thinking that rather than performing a find perhaps they could be linked-to through a self-join relationship... and if they can be related to, they can be used to generate a conditional value list.

It'd also be nice knowing *what* you want to achieve, not just *how* you want to achieve it.

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Hi Vaughan,

Thanks for your reply.

What I'm trying to achieve is a workout schedule where I can print of a list of seleted activites each week. I want to be able to have a value list which is created from my list of workouts/videos, and that value list will be check boxes. This way, when I plan my workouts for the week, I can see the value list, and check which workouts will apply for that week, month, etc.

These records are found using a standard find. I have separate workout fields created on a new layout, with 5 fields for each day of the week. (For example, Monday 1, Monday 2, Monday 3, etc., for AM, MID, PM, NITE, EXTRA.) When I click on Monday 1 field, I'm able to see a pop-up list of all the TITLES of the workouts/workout videos I have. This is great! However, when I want to print a list of workouts for the following week, I want it to pull the workout DETAILS/INFORMATION from each workout record for Monday, let's say. Not just the titles.

Now, of those details, I would like a check box next to each detail so that I could select from the details only the workouts I want to choose. Then print my list to keep track of all of this. (Each detail on the main record lists info as separate lines, "15 stretch, 30 min cardio, etc.) So it would make a perfect value list, with a check box next to each I want to apply for that day.

I hope this makes sense.

This is why I know there will never be more than 5 found entries, because I only have 5 workout slots available per day.

Again, thank you for your reply, and I appreciate any assistance.

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"...I only have 5 workout slots available per day"

LOL Yes we've all heard that. And next year they add another circuit room and sudeenly you have 10 slots!

It sounds like you could mark the video records to appear in each list, then generate the value list fromt he related values based on those markings.

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This topic is 6706 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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