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Import order across multiple files


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I have five .fm databases that I am importing into another database as part of my application.

Currently, I have them set up nicely to import without duplication, yadda yadda...

However, one of the four databases presents a slightly different import order. i.e.

In the four that import correctly, field order in the import dialogue is:


Display (imported) -> Display

ID (not imported)

IDX (imported) -> IDX

Type (imported) -> Type

In the misbehaving database, import order is, so what happens is:


Display (imported) -> Display

Type (should be imported)

ID (shouldn't be imported) -> IDX

IDX (imported) -> Type

With the result that when my scripts are set to the import order of the first things are mostly okay, but the misbehaving database doesn't import correctly, and if I set the scripts to the import order of the bad one then it's terrible.

How might I be able to align the fields in the import dialogue of the bad database with the other four? Thanks in advance.

Version: v6.x

Platform: Mac OS X Jaguar

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It looks like you'll have to define a separate import script for the bad database. Do the import & field mapping correctly manually, then make a one-line script called importB or something. You could also make a one-line import script for the four good ones, call it importA.

In your primary script, set up a conditionsl that tests, somehow, which database is being imported, and do this:

If (BadDatabaseBeingImported)

Perform Script (ImportB)


Perform Script (ImportA)


Steve Brown

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I have done this. I manually created an import script for each database. The problem is that when I change one of the scripts, they all change.

My thought at this point is to clone one of the good ones, and import the data from the bad one into it. It appers to have something to do with the field creation order.

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If something goes wrong, then the import will default back to creation order. This will also happen if you add or delete fields from one of the files.

Did you remember to check the "restore import order" box in the Import step in the script?

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This topic is 6502 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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