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If xvalue is entered, show yfields for data entry


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Firstly - I'm so happy that you are all out there! Got lots of useful info from this site and will do my best to feed anything I learn back in (one can hope!)

Total newbie who is sure FM should enable me to do the subject I typed, but no information I can find as to how.

I have 5 main categories in my DB, and want a different range of fields to be presented for data entry depending on the category chosen (only three different fields, but unless I manage the process, I know people will do it wrong!). I thought I could calculate it, but no option to input my value list and think that I can only use this to calculate a value rather than perform an action. Ideal would be to have a similar action to buttons (if category = x, go to xxxx section of data entry layout) - can anyone tell me if I'm on a mission impossible?

Many thanks in advance,


Version: v5.x

Platform: Windows XP

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Hello Golightly,

There are a few different ways you might approach this.

The more conventional solution would be to have a script which switches layouts based on the value supplied. This requires a button click (or a plug-in) to get it going, but can be very effective.

A second method would be to use a variant of the 'portal visibility' trick widely promulgated by JMO of the databasepros web site at www.databasepros.com (if you're interested, visit the site and run a search on 'visibility').

Depending on your structure, a third option might be to base the data collection on a relationship, where each entered value causes the same data entry fields to point to a different record in a related file. Withou knowing a whole lot more about your files it's hard to say whether this might be a viable solution.

Hope the above gives you a few ideas to work with. wink.gif

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Hi Ray,

Just wanted to say 'thanks'! I'm deep in the throes of visibilty and think I might be able to crack it.

Next step is how to quarantine changes - you can guarantee I'll be back on the forum for that one! ;-0



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This topic is 6506 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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