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Citrix and FMP6


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My customer has been running FMP V3 under Citrix for a few years. Although this was not a supported combo, the performance was reasonable. We did have initial problems but the then H/W supplier managed to give everyone their own copy of FMP.exe. It worked.

Recently, I talked them into upgrading to FMP V6. What a shambles! I won't describe all the problems but just recently things have become almost impossible.

(Basically, losing links to files and using 100% CPU for up to 30 mins doing nothing.) Unfortunately, I do not know just what the H/W guy did with V3.

FMP told me that we had to use Server with Citrix, even though I cannot find this documented anywhere. So my customer purchased Server V5.5. Having read the Guide, I think my customer might have wasted their money.

I've read all the relevant threads and have a few questions which I hope some kind soul will answer.

The requirement for a dedicated Server machine. Is it really a machine or just a HDD? Just how well will Server die on the Citrix server? There are other applications but not a lot and we have 6 users max. Our main application is a 15-20 file FMP DB.

We have lots of 'master' files which users copy for specific uses. For example each employee makes a copy of a Timesheet Master for his/her own use each week. There is a Conference master which is copied and modified for specific conferences.

In short, we have new files all the time. This makes it quite impractical to open them with Server. They tend to be single user so am I correct in assuming that we just use normal FMP for them? Many of these files have relationships with files in the main application DB. Will that work?

Should I just crawl away and die?

Version: v6.x

Platform: Windows 2000

FileMaker Version: 6

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This topic is 6503 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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