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Can a plug pull in a whole web page ?


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It depends what you mean by a "web page." A web page could be said to be its text source code, along with referenced objects (such as graphic files). FileMaker is not going to render a web page from that, at least not yet. You can get the source code on Macs using AppleScript to ask the browser; implementation varies however.

If you just want the text (just the text) on the page in a readable form it is simple on OS X using AppleScript:

tell application "Safari"

set theText to text of document 1

end tell

For cross-platform Troi has a URL plug-in, which can get the source code and do more. There may be other plug-ins also. In order to see pictures you would have download them, obviously. I imagine that could be done with AppleScript; but at that point I'd wonder why not just use the browser and the URL.

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Thanks for the answer

I guess, I want something to get a picture as well. I would like to have a picture come into filemaker. Cross platform. But you don't think the Troi product would do this?

Thanks for your input


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I just don't know whether Troi does this or not. I've only messed about with the text myself, on Mac (mostly so I could store messages from this forum :-)

It would have to have the ability to continue downloading the links on a page. It would be nice to only download those which are image tags. A web page is not a "page," just as a FileMaker page is not just a text or image page. Well, on computers nothing really is a page. It's whatever the current application is rendering. A web page is text with tags leading to other files, containing text or images (or movies, or...). It is a composite of separate files and folders. Some, such as ads, lead off to other servers.

If Troi doesn't do it, perhaps one of the PDF plug-ins could, by capturing the web page as an image. I just don't know. But that would be the simplest route, I would think, avoiding the problems above.

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This topic is 6505 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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