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Prints out a second page with just the header


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I'm having printing problems I can't figure out. Started a new database from scratch. Multiple layouts as different pages of a single report. Every time I print a layout page It prints what I want and then a second page with just the header. On pages/layouts that don't have a header or footer it just prints a second blank page. It does the same thing on my mac. (os X) and My PC (windows XP) and with either of two printers on both computers, so I don't think it is a hardware conflict. The printers are an HP 940 inkjet and an HP laserjet 1012.

To make it even more fun the print margins of the page (dashed lines on the layout page) maybe they are page breaks... are not at all accurate. The layout shows a block of text is right up to the bottom of the printable page (no more room - Line is at 10.5 inches for a letter size page) when I print it out I have an extra 2-3 inches left.

I've checked preferences and settings everywhere I can think of. - Please help



FileMaker Version: Dev 6

Platform: Windows XP

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Im not sure if your still looking for an answer here and since I'm not seeing that anyone has helped you on this, I think I might be able to help you if you still need it. From experiance your second page is printing because in your layout mode your body must end before your page layout (the dotted lines depicting your printable page). If you can see the dotted line on the bottom of your layout then it will print out two pages by default. I hope this helps.

Better late than never!

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Did you get anywhere with this? I have similar issues. I don't understand how FM treats the end of page, especially with headers and footers thrown in. I have text that drops below the end of page line and yet prints on the upper page. Also have suddenly not been able to print pages 7,8,and 9 of a 9 page layout?? But when I take it home, it prints on the computer there!!!

Greg Young

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This topic is 6418 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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