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Finding subsets within a find and then returning b

Chef Roy

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As a Newbie I have tried finding similar scenarios in these forums to no avail so here goes...

I have a database of chefs with different membership levels. The user searches on a specific membership level which may produce 40 out of 900 records.

The user goes to the reports area of which there are several reporting options associated with the records found. Displaying all the records in any standard reporting layout is easy, it's the searching of other data within those found records is the kicker yet still maintaining access to the original found set.

Example: Finding records within the found set that have stale addresses. Easy to find the stale addresses using a SET FIELD and Find Constrained BUT! how the heck does one get back to the original found set of records so that the user can perform other related reports?

Would really appreciate someone's help on this.

FileMaker Version: Dev 6

Platform: Windows XP

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You can add requests to find/omit records within searches. Do your original search then add a request to exclude all records except those you're interested in. Then use 'show omitted' to get back to your original set. You can use multiple requests within one search.

Or you could create a text field 'mark'. Create script using 'Replace' from the Records menu which inserts "Y" into found records. Create script 'find marked' which searches for "Y" in 'mark'. When finished with other constrained sets, run script 'find marked' and you're back to you're original found set. You should include 'unmark' script - otherwise new seaches will find previously 'marked' records.(Create global text field, insert text "Records marked" as part of 'mark' script to alert you that records are marked, clear field in 'unmark'.) You can create a button as a mark/unmark toggle.

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This topic is 6496 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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