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Help pls: record access limits for related db


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I am designing two related database for employee time tracking. I have one database (call it Time) for creating a daily time sheet record for each employee. A second related database for each client billing item, (call it Time Line Items). After a daily time sheet is created in Time, billable time line items are entered in the same Time database/layout via a portal with a relationship established to Time Line Items. The portal works and line items are created properly.

I have establish record level security by assigning a group name (the employees name) along with a password exclusive to that group for each employee, then created a field LoginVerify which records the Status(CurrentGroups) based on the login parameters in place when an employee logins in with their password and creates a new record for the daily timesheet.

Then I have set up limits on what records can be browsed and edited with the calculation Status(CurrentGroups) = LoginVerify.


I am successful at limiting the browse and edit capabilities on the daily time sheet records the employee can access in the Time database but am having difficulty with the portal data being accessible. I have attempted to establish the same group level s, passwords and browse/edit limits in the related Time Line Items database but cannot seem to get my brain around what is keeping it from working.

After adding a line item to the portal, the information disappears and leaves a blank field and the created line items in the related Time Line Item database shows No Access in the fields.

Any ideas? [email protected]

FileMaker Version: 5

Platform: Mac OS X Jaguar

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This topic is 6494 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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