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Find in a related DB!!!!!

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I try to make a search in my master DB, when I change in my Record with the "Next record arrow" find a record in the related DB just to show me 3 Fields in my master DB, these fields show me a calculation, for example:

If I have in my master DB in the field OT a record with 1 (this changes), so find all the records with 1 in my Related DB.

Thanks for your help


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If i understand correctly you need to display the related records then,first of all, you MUST have a living relation (based on the OT field) between the two dbs.

This accomplished. there are two ways to display related recs.:

  • Using a portal (based on this relation) in your master db

  • In the master db (in your GOTO NEXT script) include the statement 'GOTO RELATED RECORDS' checking the 'Related Only' checkbox.

    In this case you are switched to the related file (build there an apposite form-list) and you have the scope only to the fully related recs.

    Obviously have a navigation button in order to gain the ability to 'come home'.

And that's all.

Saludos y hasta luego !

[ July 14, 2001: Message edited by: JPaul ]

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