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Major problems with FM7, find feature locking and


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system reboots required. As the title states we are having major problems with FM7 after upgrading from 5. Everything seemed fine, however when the find feature is used to autofill or customers information the computer will lock up. We have been on the phone with techsupport multiple tiems (12 people work at FM Tech support) and they help us fix the files or something. It will work at then 2 hours later or so everything will crash again. HAs anyone had this experience? Have you had to basically make your databases over again? Is there an easy way to export all your data and reimport it? I am no database guru, but it seems like upgrading shouldnt' have caused us all of these problems.

FileMaker Version: 7

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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FMP v7.2 find is broken.

Here's what happens, I select contents of a text field and copy (the content is always a single word), go to Find mode, paste into the field and click Continue. It says that no records match the find request, Cancel or Modify Find. If I put the tilde in front of the pasted info, it finds them. This should be an exact match hit.

Come-on, who was in charge of quality control on FMP 7? I'm wondering if anyone was. After all, the import speed is a disaster, there are numerous screw-ups with this product. If I were Steve, I'd clean house and start over.

Any ideas on the Find would be appreciate.


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This topic is 6397 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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