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selecting records by checkbox? (newbie!)


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(maybe you read the 2nd post, my problem is described in a better way there...i guess) crazy.gif


sorry to come up with a question like this...i'm new to database and the only thing i knew quite well was Claris Works 3.0 grin.gif

i'm working on a database for a TRAVEL AGENCY office. starting with the CUSTOMERS: i'll have a database with eacht CUSTOMER having a record. now: let's say i have a FAMILY. i suppose i can store POSTAL ADDRESSES in a different list and relate ADDRESSES<==>PEOPLE with an serial number. i managed to do this. now:

[color:"red"] how can I SELECT say 3 PEOPLE records (having all the same address because they are a family) and then working with these selected FAMILY MEMBERS? i was thinking about placing a checkbox in each PEOPLE record...but how do i make FM "take" these 3 PEOPLE RECORDS and placing that data (Name, date of birth) on to a page (report?).

thanx for help...

FileMaker Version: 7

Platform: Windows XP

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i guess my approach suggested above was not smart. i'm new to databases so please forgive crazy.gif

to explain the problem again:

i have 2(let's say 2 but it will be much more since it's a big project) TABLES:



My problem: Sometimes I have 1 CUSTOMER per PROGRAM (only 1 guy books a flight) and sometimes I have SEVERAL CUSTOMERS per PROGRAM (a family consisting of 5 people books a flight. Therefore I have to gather information from 5 RECORDS and put them onto the SAME 1 TRAVEL PROGRAM RECORD.

I wanna have a BUTTON on every CUSTOMER record enabling me to add this current customer record (consisting of CUSTOMER ID, Surname, Lastname,...) to the current TRAVEL PROGRAM record.

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This topic is 6477 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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