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Display info based on a drop down list selection

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I need some help, any would be appreciated, I wish to display a phone number based on what someone selects in a drop down list.

The complication is...this.

(It can be any one of a series of numbers stored in 5 different fields. times the number of records.)

I start with a company in a drop down list once that is selected you move to the second drop down list and select the staff member one of 5 possible for that company. this is the list I need to use to pick the mobile phone number.

How I do the above check out the pics attached. it may give you an idea (I also use a calculation fields to combine the 5 staff members together for the second drop down list) it may not be the best way but I have only been working in the program for 2 weeks so bear with me.

The two tables involved are the 'client' table holding 5 fields for various mobile numbers and the 'meeting' table /5 fields waiting for the mobile numbers labeled 'Attending 1 mobile' through to 5 maybe not the best label but will do for now.

Appreciate any help remember I have to do this 5 times in a layout allowing for more than one company attending a meeting.

Thank you,




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Keith, i would first note that the Meeting table has "Attending Person 1", "Attending Person 2", ... as fields. This is probably not your best bet, as you are currently limited to 6 attendees per meeting. May i suggest this:

Create a third table called "ClientsMeetings" which has two fields: ClientID and MeetingID. Relate this new table to Clients using ClientID as a key on both sides, and relate it to Meetings using MeetingID as a key on both sides.

In your Meetings file, trigger a script that allows the user to select a company, then select a name from within that company; then creates a record in ClientsMeetings that records the currently selected MeetingID and ClientID. Now you can list unlimited meeting attendees; you also have access to whatever data (such as phone numbers) is available in the Clients table.

Hope this helps. If it's not in detail enough, let us know.


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Hi Jerry,

Thank you for your reply, I think I get the idea sort of however as my meeting table holds some 80 odd fields I can only have 1 record per meeting so if I understand you correcly I have to create a script that keeps adding names etc to a field. within the meeting table.

Or do I need to create a forth table here because of this. that holds just the client employee details?

On thinking about it. I think a little more detail would be appricated.

As mentioned before I'm new to filemaker I had not heard of it prior to 2 weeks hence. Not saying thats bad or anything as prior to my buying a WRX I had never heard of them either, (talk about a wolf in sheeps clothing there) don't think I'd drive anything thing else now.... but getting side tracked here. haha. Some more help would be good.

Thanks heaps,


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This topic is 5911 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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