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Find records from table1 and displaying from tbl2

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Ok, Now I am really lost. I have two tables that are imported from csv files. These tables are fairly straight-forward in that one hold a price for service,by service provider,location and region.

I want to use table 1 as a search, for a specific service provider in specific state, in a specific region. This should display a price for those vendors in: 1. NY state

2. In the NE region

The last field on that page is the max. cost for the region/area that we can pay for the service.

I would like those results to be piped into a new table I have already set up that add 2 more fields to the list. One is a client Number and the other is a dropdown that allows the users to let us know if they selected the provider and for what reason.

It seems really complex, but I might just be over thinking the entire thing.

Any Help would be great.



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