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Ok - I am new to FM 7 and this maybe a basic question, but I am stumped.

I have two tables defined within one fp7 file.

Something like

Table 1






Table 2


Field misc

Field extra

I have relationship PKey = Fkey.

I have a script when executed that switchs to table2's layout, adds a new record and setfield of FKey from table1::Pkey.

This does not work. I ended up having to swith to table1 set field of a global value from table1::Pkey and then switch to table2 and setfield table2::FKey from the global. Why???

Is there no direct way to move data from one table to another directly?


Rob Kantor

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It works similar to moving data between separate files. you can copy/paste or set field through an existing relationship.

You could try enabling the Allow creation of related records option on the relationship, then a set field from the parent file to a related field in the child will create a record in the child.

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