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Relationship based on Field Name


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I have 2 tables in my file.

Table1 has fields like "Title", "Creator", "Type" and "Description".

Table2 has 2 fields, "fieldName" and "fieldDescription". The values in "fieldName" match the Field Names in Table1.

What I want to happen is when the cursor moves into a field in Table1, the description that goes along with that field is displayed in "Description". So, I want to look for the record in Table2 that has the name of the active field in Table1 and put the value in "fieldDescription" in Table1's "Description" field.

Why don't I just use the FieldComment() function? Because there is more than one line of text in the descriptions.

Sorry if this is a complete newbie question, but I can't seem to wrap my brain around it.

Thank you for any hints/suggestions you can give.

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You can do this with a script if you use the Get(ActiveFieldName) function to set a global in Table 1, then have a relationship between Table1:gActiveFieldName and Table2:fieldName. You can then show the related fieldDescription on the layout.

Because the Get(ActiveFieldName) only evaluates correctly during scripts, you can't use it directly to create the relationship.

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I set a field in Table1 - gActiveFieldName as Text, Global Storage.

I create a script "setActiveFieldName" with one step "Set Field[table1::gActiveFieldName; Get ( ActiveFieldName)]

I run that script when I open the file (B)?)

I open up "File --> Define --> Database --> Relationships" and drag a line from 'gActiveFieldName" in Table1 to 'FieldName' in Table2.

On my layout in Table1, I put a field "::FieldDescription" from Table2.

I reopen my file.

I see nothing in 'gActiveFieldName" or "::FieldDescription" on my layout as I tab through the fields. Please forgive my obvious lack of FM skill and give me a few more hints. :-)

Thank you!

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This topic is 7161 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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