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Global fields not updating accross network

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I created 3 global fields: 2 Text (pop-up menu with value list) and 1 Time. When I enter data on any of them the same data does show up on all records as a global field is supposed to work... However, in the rest of the machines on the network (all Macs with 0S 9.2.2 and using FM server) the changes on such fields do not show up... The change is only reflected on the individual machine where the change was made.

I tried quiting FM server and opening the db from one of the machines as the host (I thought it was a FM server issue where it wasn't sending those changes) and then having all other machines connected to it but same thing...

What's the solution? I want the changes on those 3 global fields to appear in all machines.



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This is how global fields behave when running on FM server, Each user has his "own" set of global fields, so the info needs to be re-entered into each user's set. If the info changes periodically during a work session, to get it to show up for all users, you might think of making a preference database.

This is a one-record database that contains a number field with only the number "one" in it. I call this field "Constant." In whichever other databases that need to view this info, make calculation fields called "Constant" where the calc is simply the number one. Now you have a field with the same number for all records. Make a relationship between the working databases(s) and the new pref database based on Constant.

In the pref database you can make your two text fields and your time field, but not as globals, as regular fields in your single record.

Back in theworking database(s), you can place these fields on layouts across the Constant relationship, and in general use them as if they were global fields.

Steve Brown

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This topic is 7154 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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