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exporting portal records


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Hi All- i have a relatively simple question (i think at least) but i can't seem to figure it out...

I have a Master database for DNA sequences from a project i'm working on, and a related sequence database.

The master database contains the Organismal identification (genus/species as well as locality etc.)

The related sequenceDB consists of dna sequences that i'm generating and is related to the masterDB based on genus/species.

Now for the question:

In the sequence database, some organisms are sequenced more than once and are distinguished based on an autocalculated serial number.

Therefore, in the MasterDB, the portal can contain more than one row. When i do an export of the found set, any entry in the masterDB that has more than more than 1 row,(i'll use an example with 3 sequences) comes out like:

Genus Species Serial# Sequence

Serial# Sequence

Serial# Sequence

basically, what i'm trying to say is that it leaves out the information from the masterdatabase for every entry beyond the first one.

Is there any way to force filemaker to print out the info for every record that's found?

thanks for your help

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This topic is 6445 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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