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How to print INVOICE sequential numbers?

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Has anyone used FM to make his/her own receipts or invoices? That's what I'm trying to do. I am trying to get a unique serial number or folio number to appear on every new receipt.

I did find the serial number feature but it was no help since it's tied to existing or new RECORDS and what I need is a script for a field that will return a NEW serial number for every INSTANCE a receipt or invoice is produced.

Thanks for your help.


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Thank you so much for replying!

Perhaps I can better explain by telling you what I do.

I have a little tutoring business and every month I bill the same students. They like to be billed separately for each subject they take.

Please bear in mind that my current DB was created using FM 2.0 (yes, 2.0!)and I'm not familiar at all with the FM 3.0 features. In the old version each customer counted as a new record. Each had a unique customer number but I couldn't use the same number over and over as invoice number. God, I must sound really dumb! I wish there was a button labled "folio numbers" or a sample to follow. Can you help me, please?


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1. Create a new database eg "numbers" and relate it to your invoice database by a constant, eg a field with 1 in both files.

2. Next make a field called "serial" in the "numbers" database, create 1 new record and put a number in the field "serial" eg 1000.

Put the related field "serial" on your invoice layout in your invoice database.

Whenever you print an invoice, make the script set the serial number field to serial +1 and the number will be ready for the next invoice print.

The key to this working is to have only 1 record in the "numbers" database.

Works like a charm and you can use the same "numbers" database to keep place of all your serial numbers.

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This topic is 7342 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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