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Portal Printing??

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I have 3 files setup: Courses, GLE, Components

Courses fields: Course Title

GLE fields: GLEName, GLEID, (pop-up menu - lists all courses)

Components fields: CompName, CompID, (pop-up menu - lists all GLEs)

Each Course has several GLEs, each GLE has several Components

so each Component is linked to a GLE and each GLE is linked to a Course

I need the following printout for each course:








Course Name2

etc, etc

How do I do this?:? BIG KUDOS whomever figures this out!! I need it by Friday if possible!

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Though you could do this on a layout based on GLE with a portal to Component, it may be better to base the report on a Component layout, then use sub-summary parts to break out Course and GLE:

The report layout would be a List layout with these parts:


Sub-Summary by Course Title

Sub-Summary by GLEName



When sorted by Course Title and GLEName, the sub-summary parts show up (in preview mode or printouts only.)

Don't need any KUDOS, but maybe you can enlighten me about what a GLE is.

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Thanks for the idea! A GLE is a Grade Level Expectation.. it all has to do with a Curriculum database for a K-12 school district.

I got the report to work through the GLE by using a portal to the Component and just sorted by GLEID.

Thanks again.. this website is a GREAT resource!!

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