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Printing (report output) issues

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My main database is a list of articies in a newspaper indexed by issue date.

When I lay out the report, it runs the first field (page number) so far to the left margin that it cuts off the page numbers. I have messed with the margins on page setup unsuccessfully. I also would like to be able to change the header to reflect the issue date so it will print at top of each report.

Do I need to reformat field length so I can create decent margins?? My copier ignores the first 1/4" of every page, and I need to copy each report.

Someone help, please, so I can clone the database and input 2004 issues.

confused.gif [color:"brown"]

Thanks a million.

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You can try setting a fixed margin to the page.

Otherwise make sure you have the correct printer software installed and the correct page size and orientation selected in the Print Setup command.

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Hi Vaughn,

thanks for your response to my printing question.

I have set the margins on print preview but it seems to override it. If I set

left margin to 1 inch or more, an error tells me this makes my document wider than the page.

Oh, I'm printing my list sideways (horizontal) on HP printer. Everything else prints fine, even some landscape print documents.

Jan Snead

The Star of Zion shocked.gifconfused.giftongue.gif

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