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Copying related records into one record


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Hi you all there...

This is my first post here...in my best english ;-)

We have a content-/productinfo management system running on FM7. In our so-called mainmodule is all the core product info. In a related table is all the product-image info incl. link/preview of the images available on our OS X server. Unique id is ofcourse the "article code". I can see all related images in the mainmodule (I made a script copying the article code into the image-linkfield;all images have the articlecode+ a suffix as name: D1412.eps + D1412_detail1.eps)). When I make an export from the mainmodule I only get ONE image link; the one who is activated (by script)in the related portal.

I want all the related image-names in the master-table (mainmodule) in separate fields (image 1, image 2, image 3 etc). So, when I export a record from the master i get ALL related imagenames in separate fields in that record! For those of you who are curious: I want to hook up FM to Indesign to help setting up our new product-catalog!

I hope you can help and any idea is VERY welcome...

Greetings from a sunny south of the Netherlands,

Marcel Bahnen.

please respond HERE: [email protected]

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This topic is 7108 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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