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Need to convert Hindu BS calendar to AD Calendar


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Question: Looking for some tips on how to convert these two calendars. Need to enter the Hindu BS date and have the AD date calculate and vice versa. Also need to be able to calculate age from birthdate based on the Hindu BS calendar.

PROBLEM: I am running into is that if I use a text field to store a Hindu date and use date style formatting "31/2/2056" FMP automatical assumes that the date is entered incorrectly because the second month of the Eng calendar only has 28 days (I am using convert text to date in my calc), this is not necesarily true of the sencond month of the Hindu calendar. Some months in the Hindu BS calendar have 32 days.

Other people have created tables that have both dates entered. This is great but a huge amount of data entry I think. Is it the only way.

Throw me a bone!

John Prokos

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How do you apply a date style to your text field?

I think, you'll need the calculation from Hindu BS to AD be done before using any date field. I have no clue, how this conversion formula will look like (if it's easy or very complicated), but I'm quite sure, that you can use the Text functions for getting a regular AD date, that you can display in a date field.

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Sokorp, I see what you mean. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do the conversion this way (You would need a Hindu version of Filemaker, which would be able to convert a hindu date into an absolute number of days).

The only way I see, is to take the hindu date apart, do the math for every piece of the date on its own (year, month and day ==> nr of days), subtract the magic number and convert the result to a gregorian date. See the attached file for an aproximatively solution. Sorry, but I could not find an another explanation of the indian calendar then this: http://www.junecalends.com/documents.html#Indian_Calendar . Examine the calculations and adjust them to the Hindu BS calendar where needed (mainly for the months!).


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This topic is 7101 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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