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Prints okay to laser, but not to inkjet


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I have access to a networked laser printer (Canon ImageRunner) and also a networked HP Business InkJet 2200. My FMP layouts and reports print perfectly to the laser printer, but when I try printing to the Business Inkjet the output is missing a lot. For example, a simple list of records with a header will print as just the final record - no header and no other records. It prints perfectly to the laser printer. Note that in Preview mode it also shows only the final record. I have been creating Filemaker layouts since it was only called "FileMaker", so I am aware of how to place fields and objects so they print correctly. Can anyone help with this? I know I may feel like an idiot if it's a really easy fix, but right now I am stymied. Thanks!

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Welcome to the Forums. This sounds like one of two things. Either there is something wrong with your printer driver (which you can check by printing to the HP from another application) or else your print options in FileMaker are set differently for the second printer. If you print with a dialog & go to the FileMaker item in the print dialog, you may find that you aren't printing all the records you want. Hard to say, specifically, from what you've written, but those are the two places I'd look first.


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This topic is 7099 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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