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MonkEmail just released

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As advertised in FileMaker Advisor - Tecknowlogy FYI announces the release of the long awaited MONKEMAIL - an integrated email solution for FileMaker Pro 5.

Designed to provide better management of email messages by closely integrating email functions with contact management without an email plugin.

MONKEMAIL works in concert with MS Outlook Express - and marrys many of the OE features with the database power of FileMaker. Features included:

1. Sends email from FMP

2. "Gets" incoming email from MS Outlook Express (PC only)

3. Customizable email folders

4. Customizable Message rules for routing to folders

5. Add signatures

6. Auto-add "reply to" to address book

7. Clickable HyperLinks contained in messages

Bonus Features

MONKEMAIL includes "CONSOCIATE" a full featured contact manager with unique handling of multiple Organizations/Associations, Phone Numbers, Email addresses, Email messages, Letters, etc...

Create PDF

Using CONSOCIATE you can create correspondence and print ,save, and view it , in text or PDF formats ! And as if that's not enough - with one click you can send your correspondence via email as a PDF attachment ! (requires Adobe Acrobat ).

Much of the functionality contained in MONKEMAIL and CONSOCIATE are made possible by the Troi File Plugin which is included in MONKEMAIL.

Get your Free Demo @ www.tfyi.com -


Tecknowlogy FYI - Classic Solution to Modern Challenges - www.tfyi.com

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This topic is 8117 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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