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scripting to duplicate layouts

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We want most things are done in file maker. At the moment I am setting up a database that has letter templates. This reduces problems of importing and playing around with word. So in this letter_db I have set up one layout for one of the letter templates. But I don't want to keep doing that, I want it so the sales people can go in press a button a new letter can be created that uses the same layout as mine so they only have to just change the body text and the name at the bottom. This reduces any problems with margins, where the address details etc... and they really not that good at filemaker... so I want it easy as possiable.

I have it set up that our main_db with all data about the prospects details are exported and imported into this letter_db as a delete all records import from a exported merge file that is created from the main_db after a search. (this is done with one script across the two db). Anyway what should I do next so that I can have the sales staff to create their own layouts but not changing the general layout on the text?? shocked.gif" border="0

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If you want to have the same letter layout, but only change the body text and name at the bottom, could you just duplicate the template record and set body text and name to "" in the duplicate script? Any records displayed on your layout would have the same graphics and formatting, including margins.

Let me know if I misunderstood your question.

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Hi there,

I have make following solution:

I have one db named "logo" with all logos. This db is local at each computer, if you use network with server. Otherwise you have it on the local computer.

In one db named, "company" I have all company data: Name, adress, phone/fax/Email and all other information I need for the company db. This db is located at the server. If som information should be changed you only need to change it at one place instead of every layout in all your db's.

I have one field named Company No which has Enter Auto data = 1 and indexed.

This field has all my db's and the relationships go through this field.

Then I have two databases:

In the "letter" db I have one layout with fields for writing the letter

and one printable layout with all company fields, logo, adress, phone, fax, Email etc. related to both "logo" and "company".

In both layout I have a portal which to to "letter2".

The relationfield is named "Serial number" with auto-enter.

In the "letter 2" db you have 1 serial number generated automatic.

You also have fields for adress, letter-text and what you want.

This is the storage for your letters.

Go back to your "letter" db.

In the portal, set the related lettertext field, but make space for 4 small buttons:

Go to next portal raw.

Go to previous portal raw.

Delete portal raw.

NEW button with following script: Go to portal raw, last

Go to portal raw, next

Go to field, letter text from "letter2"

Now you can see all versions of your letters and print out the last one.

If you will go further you can make a new db called "adress" and put all your contacts in it. Relate it to the "letter" db and use a pop-up field for choose which adress you should use, or even better:

In the "letter" db: Make a global field "search global" and a textfield "search", indexed.

Make a relation based on "Search" in "letter db" and in "adress db"

Set the adress fields you need from the adress db into both layouts in the letter db.

Make a script: and make a button: New

New record

Go to field "search"

Paus - write pwhole or part of name/adress/phone/fax/Email. As more you write as fever answers you got.

Set "adress db" Search global field with "Search" field.

Perform script from adress db: Search

Make a script:

"Back from adress db":

Go to field: Search

Set Search with Search global

Go to next field.

In the "adress" db:

Make all fields you need + one Info field there you can put some notices about the adress.

Make one calculation text field which have all fields from the db included:

Company name+contact person+adress+town+postal code+county+phone+fax+Email+Info. Try to index.

Make a global "search global" field.

Write a script: Search

Set error capture: On

Go to "Search"

Enter find mode

Set "search" with search global"

perform find

If(CurrentFoundCount) = 0

Perform "New" script


paus - (here you can choose which adress you should use if you have more than one fit to your input question).

Set letter db with adress db "search" field. Not search global!

Perform script from another db: "back from adress script in "letter db".

Write a new script: "New"

New record

Go to Company field

paus - Here you TAB through all fields and fill them in.

When you should write a letter:

Push new button. Write your search criteria in search field and ENTER.

Your data will go to adress db and will find your adress and put it automaticly back to your letter.

You can add a script which let you add a new adress if none is found:

Good luck


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This topic is 7235 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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