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help me with find dates range


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Greetings to the forum:

My problem is the following, I have a database of clients which has a field type dates, it contains the date of the next visit and I want to select those that fulfill a range of dates, add two fields global type dates, date initial FECINI and final date FECFIN, I present a layout requesting this dates and I execute a script, but I cannot make me to take the range correctly FECINI...FECFIN.

somebody can help me?, thank you.

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I've found that global fields "don't work" in Find mode. So all the fancy text manipulation needs to be done in Browse mode or using a field that isn't global.

Try this: make a new calculation field...

DateToText(FECINI) & "..." & DateToText(FECFIN)

...where the find criteria is created by joining up the global field dates with "..." in-between.

Your script should do something like this...

Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [next visit, new calculation field]

Perform Find []

Note that you'll need to perform some checks before entering Find mode to make sure e global fields have a valid entry. Aternately build some of the checks into the calculation field.

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Thank you Vaughan.

I have one month programming in FileMaker and here where I live it is not very well-known, so I learn on test and error, the manual doesn't exemplify a lot, this very austere one, but with the support of this forum and your help they give desires of continuing ahead, thank you thank you a lot your support.

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This topic is 7521 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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