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Print a row from a Portal

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Hi, I am new to filemaker. I use FMpro 5.5.

I am trying to write a script that would perform the following:

on a Purchase order layout, i have a portal that relates to some shipping information. For the same PO, there can be many shipments. However, when the user would click on a certain shipment row in the portal, the script would get the shipment number from this particular shipment portal row, paste it in my shipment layout, and find the particular shipment info. This ship info is then printed, and the user is taken back to the PO screen, where he was at the begining.

I have a couple problems in my script:

How can i select and copy a field from a portal? If the protal contains many row, i can I make sure that the right one is being copied?

How can I open a layout that is in a different table( or database). When i select go to layout in my script i can only select the layouts for the current database?


David Glaser

[email protected]

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Use the Go to Related Record Script step and check "show only related record".

You could include the above step in a script attached to a button in the portal row. Follow the Go to Related Record script step with an external script located in the related file that prints the record for you. Finish the main script with a refresh to make sure your original window comes back to the front.

Hope this gets you started!


[email protected]


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This topic is 7229 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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