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Finding Unique Records

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I have a Tests file with 5000+ records. Many of the records have the same student_id (each record is an instance in which a student takes one of 16 different tests during a school year. Students take the same tests each year--if they stay in the same school they will have 96 records)

I want to be able to find 1 occurance of each student. It doesn't matter which test/record is found. I just need to be able to tell how many different students are entered, and see their names and grad year.



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If all you want is a list of different Student IDs then all you have to do is create a value-list based on the values in the field 'Student ID'

For showing the rest of the information based on the ID, you can either run a find using the value list (which will find all of the records), or you can create a self-relationship (assuming there is only one database) based on the field 'Student ID'. On the same layout you can put a portal (defined by this relationship) with only one row that will show only the first record from the current 'Student ID'

Hope this helps

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