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Printing list of layouts/scripts

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Is there a way with FMP or a commercil plug in to print a list of layouts and scripts within a file?

I've printed script definitions but want to print a list of all scripts to do some housekeeping with huge files.

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Go to waves in motion www.wmotion.com.

And look in their developer section.

They have an application called Analyzer 3.

It is cross platform and will allow you to analyze your solution and print off all scripts, fields, relationships, layouts, value lists....basically everything.

It is also a great tool to do comparisons on a database as you make changes you can compare analysis of a database.

Also you can find where you used a particular field or script step in any file,

eg a show message script step or a specific calculation.


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I must be doing something wrong. When I define the field for the list of layout names, is it a calculation field or a text field with auto entry of a calculation? When I enter the field definition in my database called Routing Orders as

LayoutNames("Routing Orders") the field does not show anything? I've tried creating this field as both a calculation field and a text field with the auto entry of this same calculation but I still see nothing in the field?


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to get a list of layout names using design functions, create an unstored calc [text] field.

The reason for unstored is every time you add a new layout the field will recalculate.

In this go to the design functions from the top right drop down and you will see the design functions.

Choose layout names and substitute dbname for your database.

If oyu do not already have one, create a field called databasename [calc, text] and set to Status(CurrentFileName)

Then your layout list field will be LayoutNames(databasename).

If you do not use a calc to find the database name (or a global) you will need to manually enter the database name between the brackets in "" marks (eg LayoutNames("MyDatabase").

Benefit of using calc or global fields for this is it is dynamic.


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This topic is 7150 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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