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Appearance of pop-up list

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HI all,

Is there a better way to do this??

I have a supllier field that links to table of suppliers on an ID number.

In the pop-up I would like to display only the NAME of the company. It would be possible if i had control over the width of the columns in the pop-up

(column1: width of 0; would hide the key field & column2: with of 2 inches would give me room for the company name to display).

Right now what i have is a calculated display field on top of my SupplierID pop-up so that when the desired ID is selected the display field is automatically populated with the company name.



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Well, that's pretty much how value lists work. You have no control over the width of the popped up menus or their ID/Name parts.

One alternative is to use a portal to select the value (or in FM7, use a new window with a list of the values,) then have a button that sets the ID of the selected item. With this method, the ID can be hidden completely.

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