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print out of memory error

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upgraded from Filemaker 3. to Filemaker 7 and after considerable script changes all of the datebases work and interact as expected. The data bases are shared using Filemaker 7 server. The problem is that printing even simple lists results in out of memory error when printing more than half a page.

I have this problem on G3,G4 &G5 machines and with HP LJ 2100, 4000 & 5m printers.

The problem appears virus like... lists that worked ok a week ago no longer print.

I have installed latest HP drivers .... to no effect

I have tried appletalk ... to no effect

I hve tried all the other options of setting up a printer ... to no effect

What is my problem?

Is there a solution? [color:"black"]

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partly solved. It appears that Filemaker 7 will not work when asked to print at anything other than 100%. all layouts must be formatted at 100% of the required print size.

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