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portal scroll bars

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I'm sorry, most of you will probably think this is a pretty simple question, however I just started using filemaker pro 7 for a university contact database

i add a portal which has a relation based on SS#, i can add data and edit data in the portal however i cannot get the vertical scroll bar to appear on the layout. I follow the directions in the filemaker pro bible but it does not help me

whats up with that???

is there a good portals whitepaper out there??

whats the answer

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I don't know what the bilbe says....

Right click on the portal and choose portalformate (the bold one), then mark show vertical scrollbar.

Do you have borders on your portal? To see the scrollbar, you must have that. This you can also set with the three border options you get when you have right-clicked on the portal (border color, border pattern, border width).

Pick a color on the first command, choose an icon except the one width two white squares the second one and choose a width more than none one the last one.

Should be able to se the scrollbar now

(the commands are translated from swedish so they migh not be named excactly like this but they have the same function ds)

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Thank you - I can't believe that is all that was necessary

seems to me FM pro should indicate that is a feature!!!

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