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Pass data from web form into Filemaker database?

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How do I pass data from form fields inside a simple html page to a filemaker database? Right now our web page is being hosted on a separate IP and I would need to make a call to our database which is on another separate IP and insert the records the user typed in on our web form into our database automatically and then return to a thank you page.

Error checking would be nice but is not required.

That's it.

How the heck do I do that?

Thanks in advance!


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I'm using Filemaker Pro 7 and I'd love to be able to do this too because I want to limit user's access to the database. I'm trying to have filemaker help me store names and emails for an email mailing list. The users don't need access to the database except to put in their name and email and click submit to transfer this data into the filemaker database sitting at a different URL. Any help would be great!

I've tried to set it up where the user get's access directly to the database but I'm having a bear of a time trying to hide the Status window and locking it down so the user can't... well, use it. Ideally, I'd like the user to fill out a basic HTML form, click submit and the data is sent to Filemaker Pro 7 sitting on a different server at a different IP address. Thanks in advance!

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