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Does FM have something similar to HanDBase's....

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I need to provide a value list for a list of Codes which also displays a description of those codes next to it. However, once chosen that field will only contain the code itself and not the description.

HanDBase offers a simple way of doing this called "DB Popup". Basically it is just a "link" (I don't know if this is a true relationship) to a different table containing a field for the codes and a field for the description. Once you choose which value you want, you can tell it which field to display from that table.

This is so incredibly useful and easy to do in HanDBase, but I don't see clearly how this can be done in FileMaker. Any solutions? Thanks.

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Have not seen HanDBase, but this is how to do it in FMP:

Define a value list 'from field'. 'Use values from first field' should be the ID in the table you want, and then check 'Also display values from second field', and choose the description.

You can make your value lists more customized to the current record's needs by 'Including only related values'.

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