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Count won't change

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I hve unstored calculation that won't change even if I add a Commit Record or Refresh Window.

Here's the deal: each contact is assigned a rep. This rep can select 15 'special' contacts. I need to display the rep's count on contact form so they know their count and can decide whether to add the current contact to their special list.

I created Contacts selftable called Special and joining rep to rep. I have field in Contacts called Special (just a number field). I put Count(Special::Special).

It works but if I click button to add Contact, it doesn't change until I go to a different contact. crazy.gif i think its because its a related thing, but that's why I put the calculation in Contacts, so this wouldn't be a problem. But it is.

I thought about storing the count in the Rep table but they need to be able to find the Special Contacts and I think I'll hit the same 'related' issue with the calc not changing. Is this true? I can't use a global because it'll disappear. Ideas to move me forward?

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Update to FMP 7.0v3, the Refresh Window step has a new option that updates portals and related information.

Otherwise, try issuing a Enter Preview Mode [] then Enter Browse Mode [] sto update the screen.

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Hi Vaughan, I guess it's time to upgrade this weekend. And until I do, I'll add preview/browse to the script. Thank you. smile.gif

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