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Using a set of buttons in 'List' view


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I have a set of defined buttons that i am using on all layouts

so the flow between databases is seamless. The buttons live

on the right side of the layout and are stacked vertically.

The problem is that when I place the buttons on a layout

that uses 'list' view, the ones that overlap from the header into

the body act like repeating records. Does that make sense? Is

there any way to define the 'body' area of the layout so it doesn't

extend past 8 1/2 inches? I think that covers it. Thanks for your help.


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In a list view the overall height is dynamic according to the number of records, (size of body section x no. of records).

If you need to limit the overall size you can state a window size and lock it, added header or footers and putting the buttons there (that way your list moves and your navigation does not). I dont know of a way to include side navigation in a list view...

I put my buttons (oo-er) in the header part of each layout, extending the size if required - easy, lazy and avoids the repeating problem in list view.

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Thanks for the input. I originally had my navigation in the header, which

does indeed avoid problems, but want to move it to the side for design

and expandability purposes. I too wish i was back on a Mac. THe more i use

PC's the more i dislike them.

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I figured out a solution to my own problem.

Keeping in mind that anything contained within the header will not repeat, i made

a pull down menu out of a field that simulates all the buttons. Then i wrote a

script that mimics all the actions of said buttons. The only additional step

is pushing a 'go' buttong to initiate the script. Now the pull down menu appears

in the body of the layout but down not repeat like the buttons.

There you go. A nice way to keep your navigational buttons on the side.

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This topic is 6646 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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