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Hiding Records in Portal with a Script

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I have three tables: Customer, Equipment, and JOIN_Customer_Equipment (the join table). From a layout tied to the Customer table, I have a portal to JOIN_Customer_Equipment. This portal lists some of the Equipment characteristics from the Equipment table plus a start date and an end date from the JOIN_Customer_Equipment table. I want a script to go to the JOIN_Customer_Equipment table, find all the records WITHOUT an end date listed (...aka blank). What I have is:

Go to Layout ["Customer History" (Customer)

Enter Find Mode []

Perform Find [Restore]

Go to Layout ["Customer_History" (Customer)]

The Find part omits records with "End Date = " and then I just leave it blank.

This returns some of the records, but if a company has one record with an end date and one without an end date it won't show EITHER record! How can I prevent this? When I do the find myself it works!?


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I think I would attack it differently. The customers TO could be duped and an extra carthesian relation is added to the stack of relations beyond the original which also is duped to the new TO. This makes it posible to have two layouts one where the carthesian have no match by pointing to the returndate. Because I suspect the AND'ing works Hierarchial, meaning first line is evaluated first....

I havn't tried this approach in a template yet, but it seems workable in my humble opinion. Does my suggestion make sence or should I give the template a stab???


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This topic is 6638 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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